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Restore and/or improve function & appearance lost or damaged through time, trauma, burn, medical disease, infection, cancer, or congenital/developmental causes.

Redefine cosmetic features to restore and/or improve overall appearance.

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myCARE Plastic Surgery Surgery – the Center for Advanced Reconstructive & Esthetic Plastic Surgery – is a unique center located in Houston, Texas, offering the most specialized and cutting-edge reconstructive & aesthetic plastic surgery treatments.  Under the leadership of Dr. Anh Nguyen, M.D., PA, a microsurgery & craniofacial surgery & hand trained, board certified plastic surgeon, myCARE Plastic Surgery strives to address your plastic surgical needs with the most cutting-edge and effective treatment options.  We will take the time to take you through a thorough & honest consultation process, with attentive understanding, and detailed  surgical care.

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