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Our Philosophy

Dr. Anh H. Nguyen, M.D., PA, a microsurgery & craniofacial surgery trained, board certified plastic surgeon, completed medical school at the University of Minnesota, and trained in plastic surgery at the prestigious University of Southern California (USC).  Subsequently, he continued subspecialty fellowship training in microsurgery & craniofacial surgery at the world-renowned Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in in Taipei, Taiwan – a leading institution in plastic surgery.  He also underwent subspecialty fellowship training at the nationally renowned Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, where he trained in surgical treatments of complex wounds – including burn reconstruction – and spinal cord injuries. While at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Anh Nguyen was also the Director in charge of Aesthetic Training for Baylor Plastic Surgery Residents.  He has contributed several publications and presentations, including being an editor to aesthetic plastic surgery journal. These trainings allow Dr. Nguyen at myCARE Plastic Surgery – the Center for Advanced Reconstructive & Esthetic Plastic Surgery – to offer cutting-edge reconstructive and esthetic surgeries for trauma, burn, cancer, and congenital problems including, but not limited to: 




About myCARE Plastic Surgery

Center for Advanced Reconstructive & Esthetic Plastic Surgery


1.  Peripheral nerve surgery including:

             a. brachial plexus surgery,

             b. facial paralysis/re-animation

             c. surgical treatment of chronic

migraine headaches

2.  Complex head & body microsurgical reconstruction

3.  A full range of breast reconstruction

4.  Post-mastectomy Lymphedema Surgery including:

             a. lymph node transfer

             b. lymphaticovenous anastomosis (LVA)

             c. debulking

5.  Hand surgery, with microsurgical emphasis on toe-to-hand transfer & functional muscle transfer to restore motion                

6.  Transgender surgery

7.  Complex genitalia surgery

8.  Complex burn reconstruction

9.  Microtia & Facial Asymmetry Correction

10.Complex Wounds & Spinal Cord Injuries, including Pressure Sores


1.  Rib rhinoplasty, especially for complicated, collapsed noses that have under gone multiple unsatisfactory surgeries

2.  Correction of the Shortened or Upturned Nose ("Pig Nose")

3.  Advanced Asian Eyelid & Nose Surgery

4.  Advanced Asian Facial Bone Contouring/Jaw Surgery

5.  Deep-plane Facelift

6.  Cosmetic Jaw Surgery & Facial Bone Contouring to create V-line or heart shaped face, and to balance facial proportions

7.  Successful fat grafting to face, breast, and buttocks

8.  Breast Lift/Reduction with no-vertical scar to better hide the signs of surgery

9.  Transgender Surgery for both male & female— top, body, and bottom

10.  Vaginal Rejuvenation

11.  Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss

Dr. Nguyen was a plastic surgery faculty at

 1.  University of Southern California in Los Angeles – Clinical Instructor

 2.  University of South Florida in Tampa – Assistant Professor

 3.  Roswell Park Cancer Center & Columbia University in New York – Associate Professor

 4.  Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas – Associate/Assistant Professor

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